New Oceanic has the pleasure to introduce its new service Shop 2 Door

Shop 2 Door allows you to shop from USA and receive your packages at your doorstep

How do u shop

How we calculate it

Online Price + Domestic Shipping + Domestic Taxes + Service Fees 5% or 10% from online price (5$ min) + International Shipping to UAE (5$ min) + UAE Customs + Delivery within UAE

Online Price is the price that you always see when you look for the item online
Domestic shipping It’s the amount that the website charges you to deliver your order to our office in USA, some websites offer free shipping. After adding items to your cart try to check out to get the Domestic Shipping amount.
Domestic taxes It’s the taxes that you pay inside USA imposed by the website. After adding items to your cart try to check out to get the Domestic Taxes amount.
Service Fees It’s the fees of our service.

Service Types:

International Shipping It’s the shipping charges that we charge you to deliver the item from USA to UAE, We charge you $7.5 for first lb (half kilo) and each additional lb for $5. with a minimum Charge $7.5
UAE Customs Customs duty are imposed by UAE,, It varies from item to item and are taken from the online price + domestic shipping (if there is any) + domestic taxes (if there is any).

Our Exclusive services


No matter how many websites you choose from, you will receive only 1 package including the parcels u want to ship at anytime.

Abandon Entire Package

Remove this package from the account. The entire package will be permanently abandoned, will not be available for a ship request and will not be returned to the sender.

Parcel Photos: $5

View Standard Photos which are taken when your package is logged into your account.

Inspect Package: $10

Verify ship label, contents, or condition of this package or an item in this package.

Return to Sender: $10

Return this package to the merchant or seller.

Split Package: $20

Separate one or more items from this package for separate shipping, discard, return or special handling as requested.

Personal shopper:

You can send us description of the item you are looking for and we will try to find it for you, best price is guaranteed.